Project Description


CBD Of Newton came to us looking for some serious help with starting their business. They are a local brick and mortar store that is taking the action required to expand their business online. With a couple free consultations, we determined that the best option for them would be to use Square’s free POS system with an external merchant processing system. We agreed to develop a custom E-Commerce Website that automatically syncs inventory from their brick and mortar shop system.


The client already had their POS in place prior to our efforts. They chose Square because of it’s ability to integrate easily with QuickBooks. Square also offers a POS system free from monthly charges. Download the app on your iPad and you can start adding inventory right away. Charges are incurred only when a transaction is taking place. This is why CBD Of Newton purchased the Square iPad stand and chip reader for $199.99 and came to us for a custom website that is integrated with their POS to sync inventory automatically.

The Numbers

CBD Of Newton wanted to stick with an external merchant processor since they expressed Square charged a very high percentage that would be cutting too deeply into profits and wouldn’t cover their business needs. Square’s merchant processing fees are 2.6% + 10¢. We helped this small business cut their merchant processing fees by over 110% on each transaction.


Ultimately, we looked to improve the business processes for CBD Of Newton by capitalizing on our technical resources and igniting a digital transformation for their business. Automation allows businesses to focus on what really matters. By enabling a system that integrates automatically, business owners are able to tend to more urgent tasks that drive revenue growth and positively impact the lifespan of the customer.

More Value

With a mobile-first website, your business will give the impression that it is more likely to listen to your customers’ requests and provide superior service. Retained customers are always more likely to recommend your business to friends and family. Our websites have enabled start-ups and established businesses to target their most ideal customers and give them the personalized, unique experience that stands out.


CBD of Newton now has a fully integrated e-commerce store with automatic syncing to their brick and mortar POS and Inventory. They constantly utilize their newly captured customer contact information to provide a better user experience with targeted e-mail campaigns using our very own blueprints.





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