Project Description

The Problem

There are so many businesses out there stuck paying monthly service fees for a simple one-time job that should be a flat-rate charge. The thousands of dollars these businesses are spending on a yearly basis could be spent on products and services which provide true value to both the business and the customer.


Booksy offers two plans: Flexible ($29.99 per month + $10 per additional staff member) and Unlimited ($119.99 per month for unlimited staff members). Both plans include the same features, however, the only reason for purchasing the Unlimited plan is if you had 10 or more barbers.

The Math

Example: Fine Line Barber Shop has only 3 full-time barbers. They would pay $50/month for Booksy. This comes out to $600 per year. This means that after 5 years of being in business, they will have spent $3,000 on a simple booking system while having no access to the meaningful data their business is producing. Imagine if you needed the Unlimited plan; you would be spending $1440 per year and $7200 after 5 years of being in business.

Data First

Our strategy is quite simple. Data is the name of the game. You need to own the data your business is producing. You need to analyze that data, identify trends, and make strategic business decisions with hard factual information backing it up. Customers want a personalized experience every single time they go to get a hair cut. Booksy advertises your competition in the same app that you are telling your customers to download.

More Value

With a mobile-first website, your business will give the impression that it is more likely to listen to your customers’ requests and provide superior service. Retained customers are always more likely to recommend your business to friends and family. Our websites have enabled hair salons and barber shops to give their customers the personalized, unique experience that stands out from a generic software as a service.


We collected over 1,000 emails and phone numbers in less than 3 months. We are now able to create targeted campaigns to effectively retain customers, promote brand awareness, and acquire new customers. Our booking websites have built-in reporting analytics graphs that help you understand your business on a deeper level. Our campaigns alone generated over $25,000 of revenue in 3 months for a small barber shop with only 3 barbers.


FineLine Barber Shop has been able to take full advantage of retaining customers with their new website. They have been able to utilize their customer contact information to provide a more personable experience. With our blueprint media campaigns, you are destined to acquire new and repeat business!


Return on ad spend in 1 month


Increase in revenue compared to previous month

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